Aristocratic Mansion
Population 4
Size 5x6
Drops Tanned Skin. Sweets, Chocolates, Teddy Bear, Sugar, Caramel, Milk, Collector's Doll, Plush Puppy, Golden Flowers


The Aristocratic Mansion is available for purchase at Castle L6.
The starter level mansion is dark red in color and upgrades to blue. (See pic)

Aristocratic Mansion Upgrade Requirements
Build 1h 30m Placement timer - (3)Cement (3)Bricks (3)Sand
Upgrade L2 170f, 340w, 3500c, 3h 20m timer
Upgrade L3 390w, 195f, 4500c, 5h timer
Upgrade L4 460w, 230f,  7000c, 8h timer

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