This is the Christmas Tradition Quest released very late in the Season for some reason. Hopefully this info will help you plan ahead and finish quickly!

Christmas Traditions Edit

Christmas Traditions 1/16:

  • Plant Spruce trees from inventory (Drop @ Sawmill - Simple Order)
  • Find a Christmas Tree (One of the spruce trees you plant and water will drop a Christmas Tree that goes into inventory - You might have to plant 30+ Spruce to get the Christmas Tree to drop!)
  • Place the Christmas Tree in your Kingdom

Christmas Traditions 2/16:

Christmas Traditions 3/16:

  • Spend (20) Christmas Wreaths (Found in last tab of Shop Menu)
  • Spend (20) Christmas Stockings
  • Spend (10) Shiny Tinsel

Christmas Trditions 4/16:

  • Decorate the Tree (See pic in slideshow at top of page - has 1h timer)

Christmas Trditions 5/16:

  • Cut down (20) Spruce Trees (Plant inventory Spruce from Sawmill if you don't have enough Spruce already)

Christmas Trditions 6/16:

  • Place the Frozen Sleigh from your Inventory

Christmas Trditions 7/16:

Christmas Trditions 8/16:

  • Spend (20) Buckets of Water (Hotel - Simple Order)
  • Spend (10) Rock Salt (Stone Pit - Simple Order)

Christmas Trditions 9/16:

Christmas Trditions 10/16:

  • Find Ice Staff dropped by Tree of Spirits - NOTE: You must have completed the Quest: Per Aspera ad Astra in order to activate the Tree of Spirits - since they removed the Oak Tree from the Shop and it is the only way to update the quest, you may have to contact support for help.

Christmas Trditions 11/16:

  • Unfreeze Santa's Sleigh - (Requires using the Ice Staff dropped by the Tree of Spirits in previous quest - also has a 5m timer to complete

Christmas Trditions 12/16:

  • Get (25) Damaged Presents from the Sleigh
  • Rewrap (25) Damaged Presents at the Inventor's Tower

Christmas Trditions 13/16:

  • Put Presents under the Tree - click tree to finish building it

Christmas Trditions 14/16:

Christmas Trditions 15/16:

Christmas Trditions 16/16:

  • Get your present from under the Christmas Tree (click!)

Congrats! You should now be 50 Crys richer!

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