Herbalist's Hut
Size 4x4
Placement Timer 20m
Drops Medicinal Herbs
The Herbalist's Hut is available for purchase at Castle L5.

Hover on the different orders below to see the upgrade costs

Build Req's: 20m Placement timer - (3)Trough (3)Rope (3)SandUpgrade cost: 700c, 200mo, 200w, 1h timerUpgrade cost: 800c, 250mo, 250w, 1h 30m timerUpgrade cost: 900c, 300s, 300w, 2hrs 10minsHerbalists1
About this image

  • Witch Rose
  • Lavender Bunch
  • Mandrake Root
  • Rare Herbarium
  • Medicinal Herbs

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