There are some specific things you should try when your game is having technical issues.
All are described below, in detail.
This works in Chrome and should work similarly in Firefox as well.

Sometimes Flash will have 2 installations on your web browser. This can happen when your browser or flash has an update. If you are having loading issues you should check to make sure only ONE flash is enabled, otherwise Fairy Kingdom and other games could give you loading / visiting / lag issues.

How to check for a 2nd Adobe Flash install and what steps to take to disable it:
Copy and paste this into your Chrome Browser address bar: chrome://plugins/
FIREFOX users type this into your Browser address bar: about:plugins


How to clear your browser cache:
Copy and paste this into your Chrome Browser address bar: chrome://history


Clear Adobe Flash Cache:
Click this link: {{ #NewWindowLink: Cache }}


Update Adobe Flash:
You can download updates here:
Make sure you "uncheck" the box asking if you would like to download McAfee Antivirus!


Download & Run CCleaner:
After install you can run it without changing any settings!


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