New Year Carnival Quest: Edit

New Year Carnival 1/7:

  • Build the Clock Tower (This is very expensive, I suggest clicking "Skip" and paying 1 crystal for each quest objective - you will be rewarded with 2 crystals upon completion of the quest so you won't lose any crystals by choosing "Skip" option!)

New Year Carnival 2/7:

  • Spend (5) Flax
  • Spend (5) Silk Canvases
  • Spend (10) Balls of Yarn

(All 3 crafted in Weaving Workshop)

New Year Carnival 3/7:

  • Craft (1) Costume of an Astronomer
  • Craft (1) Costume of a Pirate
  • Craft (1) Witch Costume

(All 3 Crafted in Tailor's House - see pic in slideshow for recipes!)

New Year Carnival 4/7:

New Year Carnival 5/7:

New Year Carnival 6/7:

  • Collect (30) Red Roses
  • Collect (30) White Roses
  • Collect (30) Yellow Roses

(The best place to find the Roses is to click on houses at your neighbors - you can also get them by filling Citizen Requests on your own houses but they do not drop White or Yellow as frequently as your neighbors houses.  Also any order in the green house will drop red roses.)

New Year Carnival 7/7:

  • Purchase and Place a "Fireworks Cart" - find it in the "Decorations" tab of the Shop - costs 3k coins

Congrats! You should now be 30 Crys richer!

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